Finding yourself is more than just good self-love. When you’re comfortable with yourself, you glow, and that glow is enjoyed by everyone around you.

Grammy-award winning duo Brasstracks is living this truth on its six-track EP For Those Who Know Pt. 1, a beautiful, emotive celebration of jazz horns, romance, and aspiration. It’s about staying true to your roots while realizing your full potential. It’s also the guys’ love-letter to their home, New York City, a place where diverse influences come together to create something awe-inspiring every day.

“For Those Who Know is the first time we’ve felt comfortable in our own skin making a project,” Brasstracks say in a joint emailed statement. “It’s a confessional. It’s a coming of maturity. It’s an ode to New York City. In Pt. 1, you get to know our roots. We poured our hearts into this, we hope you dig it.”