Select tickets are now on sale for the McDowell Mountain Music Festival (M3F). Buy a ticket and get ready to help us celebrate our 15th year of Community, Culture and Charity! M3F is a 100% nonprofit so every ticket sold makes an impact. Need some motivation? Here are 15 tips and reasons to buy tickets.

  1. Want fast and easy? Visit the M3F website to get your tickets!
  2. Want complicated? Visit the M3F website while doing a headstand.
  3. Decisions, Decisions. The hardest thing you may do all week is deciding exactly how much fun you want to have.
    • Single Day General Admission Pass
    • Single Day VIP Pass
    • 3-Day General Admission Pass
    • 3-Day VIP Pass
    • Student 3-Day General Admission Pass
  4. Be on the lookout for our mobile app in the App Store or Google Play by searching M3F 2018. Buy your tickets there and stay in the know all the way through the Festival.
  5. Remember, kids under 10 get in for FREE. We have a kid zone, so all ages are welcome!
  6. Ticket tiers are a real thing…don’t wait – get your tickets now!
  7. Yes, you did read that right. VIP includes food and beverage. Go ahead and put that in your cart…
  8. Don’t forget the After-Hours Party held at Desoto Central Market. Follow us on social media to get the latest and greatest news, plus when After-Hours tickets come on sale because the party never stops!
  9. Are you busy being a cyber groupie for one of your favorite bands? No worries, you can buy your tickets using your computer, tablet or smartphone – while you check out your favorite bands.
  10. M3F is a 100% non-profit organization. So, if you’re feeling charitable, feel free to donate here.
  11. Put on one of these fancy tee’s and help our team produce the Fest…oh, and get free tickets for doing it! Volunteer sign-up goes live in mid-January!
  12. Is one of your all-time favorite bands playing? We may have meet-and-greet passes available for some bands – follow us on social media to find out how to gain up close and personal access.
  13. Stalk us (it isn’t creepy if we give you permission). Our feeds will be full of new information weekly.
  14. Stalk our sponsors, you never know when a giveaway will happen!
  15. Do it now and get The. Feels. You did a good thing by buying a ticket. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for helping our community continue to thrive.

Don’t wait – get your tickets today!